Professional Difference


Upscale Packaging

Our brushes, Show cased in an elegant display case.


High End Metallic Color Selection

Show off the metallic finishes’ of these brushes to your clients.  The reflective qualities of the flakes shine through the rubberized coating available on all the Pro Wet Brush line.


Rubberized Handle

With the rubberized handle, you can fight tangles without loosing to fatigue. Soft to the touch, the Wet Brush will be your go-to brush for years to come.


Intelliflex Bristles

The Intelliflex bristles are paired with SofTips™ to create a great detangling experience. These bristles are like no other. They ‘know’ when to be firm and to be flexible. So that they can gently detangle your hair with less pulling and tearing.


Our Family

We have the whole family to bring to your profession! We have the Paddle brush, featuring AquaVents™ and helps spread shampoo and dry shampoo throughout your hair. The Shine brush, that features Mongolian Boar™ Bristles mixed with our IntelliFlex Bristles to spread natural oils and give your hair natural shine. And our Go Brush. All the features of the full size in a convenient small package, so you can toss it in a bag and Go!


Aggressive Advertisements

We push ourselves to make our advertisements bold and eye-catching so you can sell more and be more profitable with our products. Our memorable ads will have your customers asking to purchase the brush from your stores, time and time again.